Tom-closeup.jpgWhat is TELECARE?
Telecare is a free program that provides daily telephone contact for any individual who lives alone in the Greater Bangor calling area.
How does TELECARE work?
Volunteers staff the phone lines Monday through Friday from 8am-9:30am to greet local participants at their assigned call time and chat a minute.  They share the joys on a good day and cheer the participants on the gloomier ones.  Volunteers have protocols to follow if a participant does not contact them by the assigned time, ensuring participant’s safety.  The service is free and depends upon community support to continue and grow.

For more information about Telecare, please see the attached Telecare Applicant Registration Form or call us at 207-973-7094.


Doug is a longtime Telecare volunteer who has given more than 17,000 hours over the course of the last 13 years to improve healthcare in our region.  Doug was awarded WLBZ’s 2 Those Who Care Award for his community service.

Recent letter to the editor at Bangor Daily News (click to expand)

I am responding to the Nov. 13 editorial “Growing Old at Home”.  As a representative of Rosscare, an Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems member organization located in Bangor that supports seniors’ ability to age in place, I thank the BDN for providing this important information to Mainers.  For more than three decades, we have dedicated our work every day to helping to make Bangor, and the surrounding area, “age friendly.” 
The editorial mentioned local programs where older adults living independently can call the police department each morning to let someone know they’re safe; if they don’t call, and someone can’t reach them, an officer goes out to check on them. We want to make people in the area aware that we offer a free program, which is similar to these other call assurance programs, called Telecare.

Our volunteers provide daily telephone contact for people who live alone in the Greater Bangor calling area.  Every Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 9:30 a.m., volunteers call our participants and chat for a minute or two. Our volunteers follow specific procedures to ensure a participant is safe when they cannot reach him or her at their assigned time.  This gives families peace of mind, knowing that we are checking on their loved one and contacting them if something is amiss.

Interested community members can contact us at 207-973-7094 or Our staff and volunteers at Rosscare are doing our part to ensure the Bangor area is “age friendly” now and in the future.
Jennifer Maskala

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